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Self Checkout Kiosk & Loss Prevention System

Self Checkout (SCO) Solution

Transforming Customer Experience with fast, secure auto-checkout process

All of the products in the store are tagged with silver sensor barcode. The customers do not have to take out all of the products one after another. All they have to do is simply scanning the whole basket of the products as a whole. The barcode sensor will detect and scan the barcode tagged on the item and calculate the total amount of the payment automatically. At this final stage, the shoppers can make a payment simply by an app in their mobile phone, Octopus Card, MasterCard, Visa or Alipay.


This cashless checkout facility provides the shoppers with a whole new shopping experience. The shoppers can skip the time needed to be in the queue at the cashier and the payment process is simple, efficient and convenient. From shop owner’s perspectives, they can avoid the store become too crowded and can create a tranquil and pleasant shopping environment for customers.

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Loss Prevention System

Loss Prevention.png

There are, however, risks that come with introducing self-checkouts. In nine out 10 cases, shoplifters targeted self-checkout registers. If theft is occurring at your self-checkout, your shrinkage rate (the discrepancy between the inventory list and the number of products actually in stock) will skyrocket. And shrinkage has a direct negative impact on a retailer’s bottom line.

Luckily, there are a range of loss prevention technologies out there that counter self-checkout theft and therefore protect profits.

At VEII, we continue to enhance our offering that help safeguard against shrinkage:


  • Self-Service Loss Prevention (SSLP) is an intuitive tool powered by Machine Learning (ML)The tool can assign a theft probability level to every self-service customer in the store.

  • It works by identifying shopping patterns leading to theft at a store level.

  • These theft probabilities are updated in real-time for every step of the customer journey.

  • SSLP offers customizable parameters that can be adjusted based on factors such as store crowd level, staff availability, time of the day, and more.


  • Easy-to-use remote access apps enable employees to monitor and interact with checkout stations – all whilst physically being in other areas of the store.

  • In addition, remote access apps provide real-time insights into scanned items on all checkout stations, enabling teams to monitor and respond to any suspicious behavior

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