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Retail Inspection Robot

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Retail Inspection Robot

Our retail inspection robot injects new vitality into the industry and builds a powerful Internet of Things

Improve operational efficiency and provide greater value to the industry through massive data collection and analysis

Retail inspection robot solution on how stores operate

Automatically scan more than twice a day

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Retail inspection robot is deeply integrated with retail partner

Real-time monitoring of each item on every shelf in every store to discover operational defects, improve product display, reduce price anomalies, enhance shelf compliance, identify opportunities for revenue growth, and improve the shopping experience.


Automated Shelf Inspection and Verification

Automate manual tasks such as scanning shelf vacancies and prices to free up manpower and better serve consumers


Price/Promotion/Display Compliance

Automatically detect non-compliant shelf situations to avoid a negative shopping experience for consumers.


Optimize the Supply Chain

Use real shelf data to drive supply chain decisions.


Increase SKU Placement Rate

Provide real-time alerts for quick replenishment and increase product on-shelf rate.


Balance Online and Offline Channels

Optimize online order picking to accurately reflect shelf utilization and product on-shelf rates.

Simplifying the daily work of store managers and clerks

Alarm types - "user behavior calls"

  • Out of stock - products that should have been on the shelf but are actually out of stock

  • Low inventory levels - the quantity of goods on the shelf is lower than the defined limit

  • Excess - products that should not be on the shelf

  • Misplaced products - products that are not in the correct location

Integrating custom business logic into alarm strategies


  • Priority alerts for only top-selling SKUs

  • Integrating inventory data

  • Adjusting alert frequency

Reports & Analytics 

​Benefits from what Retail Inspection Robot gathered.

Product data management platform
Shelf recognition platform
Robot and task management platform
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