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IT Support and Maintenance Services

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No hardware and software products are completed without a proper warranty and support services. Ours specially designed 12-hour x 7-day support services, which will ensure maximum system availability to our clients.


Your entire company's IT service management at your fingertips.

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IT Service Management

In 2019, VEII logged over ONE million tickets (20% Y-o-Y forecasted organics growth) for clients through its THREE 24 multi-lingual Helpdesks in Guangzhou (Cantonese and Putonghua), Changsha (Putonghua), and Manila (English).


To cater for these large number of tickets, these centres are manned by 250+ fulltime staff, and supported by an IT Infrasture Library (ITIL) certified IT Service Management (ITSM) system - electronic Proactive Service Management (ePSM). ePSM is developed base on OTRS, a leading Open Source ITSM tool.


Togther with our Reporting Group, clients receive standard and ad-hoc reports about their ITSM service status.

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Professional Service

No solution is completed without a professional delivery team.


Our Professional Services (PS) Team involves from day 1 of the project with the appointment of a Project Manager (usually PMP qualified). He/She is the single focal point with the client and lead team leaders from different groups, such as SA&D

Computer Programming

Software Support

VEII provides comprehensive on-site and off-site support services to clients.

Repairing Tablet

Hardware Support

All hardware sold by VEII come with 12-month Warranty Services (parts inclusive, back-to-factory and next business day).


Upon expiration of the Warranty Service, client can opt to join our Hardware Maintainence Services (HMS). VEII offers the following Standard and Extended schemes, please contact our local offices for a quote.

Moving Day

New Store Opening & Install, Move, Add and Change

VEII prides itself for the provision of professional New Store Opening (NSO) & Install, Move, Add and Change (IMAC) services to our clients.


These services are usually leaded by a Project Manager from our SWAT team and upon completion, a Site Completion Report per site is provided. 


In 2019, working with clients and partners, VEII completed over 1000 NSO and IMAC services for clients in the region.


Contact our local offices for a quote.

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