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Electronic Shelf Label


Improving Operation Efficiency and

Upgrading Brand Image by Adopting ESL Solution

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), is an electronic display device mainly placed on the shelf-edge, to replaces the traditional paper price label.

Each electronic shelf label is connected to the merchant's computer database through wireless network and displays the latest price information of the items accurately in real time.

Pioneering the Future of Retail Innovation
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Seamless Digital Storefront

To be the leading solutions and services provider for Digital Transformation in the Retail Industry, setting the standards for innovation and success.

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Empower Brand

Maximize brand visibility by placing large-size ESLs strategically throughout shelves, entrances, and central areas. Let your brand shine and captivate customers at every corner of your store.

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Real Time Inventory Management

Stay in control with synchronized inventory data. Our ESLs sync seamlessly with your management system via cloud, ensuring accurate stock updates. LED alerts signal low stock, keeping your shelves replenished.

New Generation ESL

Available in Various Sizes. Min.: 1.54” Max.: 13.3” Effective Display | Ultra-thin Design |
Dot Matrix EPD | True Cloud Architecture | Multi-page Switching | Bluetooth Low Energy


Quick Price Update

According to the manufacturer's test report, 1AP can update 18,000 ESL within 1 hour.

AP Resilience in pricing update

Adjacent AP without binding relationships can help update ESL.

Removable Battery

Using ESLs with replaceable batteries can enable faster battery replacement, reducing downtime and improving work efficiency.

Ad Hoc  Price Update

PDA and android phone support ad hoc price modification for emergencies case.

Bluetooth 5.0 connection

More stable and energy-saving while keeping a high-speed rate connection

High speed: 2.4-2.484G (1.37Mps high transmission rate)

Low Power: 2.9uA low standby current

Excellent Durability

Can withstand 1.5 meters drop test.

Light indication setting in ESL

8 Color available
(red/green/blue/yellow/brown/light blue/purple/ white)

Different status settings such as out of stock in white light / ESL battery low in red light

Support 2-in-1 display in 2.9" ESL

Cost-saving solution.

Non-reflective screen

It can reduce or eliminate the visual disturbance caused by screen reflections, enhancing display performance and viewing experience.

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