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KYC (Know Your Customer)

As the retail industry becomes more competitive, retailers are constantly looking for ways to improve their stores’ performance. One strategy that has gained popularity in recent years is the use of people counting and tracking technology for corners and shops-in-shops.

By collecting data on foot traffic, retailers can better understand how customers move through their stores, which areas are most popular, and where bottlenecks occur. This data can help retailers optimize their store layouts, merchandise displays, and staffing levels to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

Moreover, people counting and tracking technology can also provide retailers with valuable insights into customer behavior. By tracking customers’ movements and actions, retailers can learn which products are most popular, which promotions are most effective, and how long customers spend in certain areas of the store. This information can help retailers make more informed decisions about merchandising, marketing, and staffing.

In addition to these benefits, people counting and tracking technology can also help retailers improve their store security. By monitoring customer movements, retailers can detect and respond to suspicious behavior, reducing the risk of theft and other security incidents.

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Embracing the Depth and Width of in-Store Traffic Data
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